Friday, 17 October 2014

My Good Samaritans

Rob Butler, Jim Wadleigh, Ann Wadleigh, Tracey McGrath, Ed Gal, Noma Vales

This morning a team of amazing people left for Lesotho.  They are Dr. Rob Butler, Jim Wadleigh, Anne Wadleigh, Tracey McGrath, Ed Gal, and Noma Vales.  Philip Maher took this shot at Pearson International.  They are just about to fly out of JFK in New York.  It will take them 16 hours to arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa and from there they will drive into Lesotho.  Rob, Jim and Noma will lead a group of 30 business people in Lesotho providing business education and encouraging the development of skills in growing small businesses.  Ann is a social worker.  She will spend her time focusing on the foster homes and the AIDS orphans that Bracelet of Hope supports.  Tracey has loaded six suitcases full of clothing, toys, school supplies and toiletries for the kids.  She has the task of interfacing with all of our partners in Lesotho who will counsel and support Bracelet of Hope as we move forward with the development of an AIDS treatment facility in the country.  Ed is our media expert.  He will be capturing images and videos that we will be using to create our new website and to launch our massive crowdfunding campaign.  Phil will use his talents as a photographer.  He will bring home thousands of images of the beautiful Basotho people and the beautiful country they live in.

They are my Good Samaritans along with so many others who have travelled to Lesotho, supported us financially, given their gifts and talents to our efforts and prayed for One Country AIDS free.  They are helping us as we shoulder the burdens of the people we love in Lesotho.

I wish them safety and success.


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