Friday, 5 December 2014

Batman and Wonder Woman

Teenagers found by police dogs.  Admitted to hospital, the teenagers, not the police dogs.  All Zajdliks intact and well.  Bat is back in it's usual place.

My brother-in-law says that Batman is blessed to have me and that if he is Batman, I am Wonder Woman.  This lead to a cascade of emails and shenanigans all day yesterday.  When I arrived home last night, Batman and Wonder Woman had made their way to my kitchen.  You are all pretty funny.

Pamela Cooper with Batman and Wonder Woman

Barry and Anne-Marie:  plain and ordinary


  1. You definitely deserve the title of Wonder Woman A-M. Everyone I talk to asks, how does she do it all?
    Your son's have Batman's good looks and Wonder Woman's humility. Then there's WW's mini-me.

  2. There is nothing plain or ordinary about Barry and Anne-Marie. Sorry AM!!