Thursday, 14 September 2017

A beautiful woman

This is Makhauta.  Many of you may know her story.  Four years ago, when she was 12, she was dying of AIDS.  She lived in one of Bracelet of Hope’s foster homes.  In many developing countries, there are very few medications available to treat HIV.  If you have used one regimen for many years or if you live in an area where access to the medications is not consistent, a patient can develop resistance and no longer respond to the drugs they need.  Makhauta was in this position.  The AIDS virus had destroyed her immune system and she was close to death.  A group of Guelph business men were set to visit Lesotho.  We were able to get her the new medication she needed.  

I saw Makhuata this past Sunday.  She is now a beautiful, bright and healthy young woman.  It is your support and the work of some pretty incredible people in Guelph, that saved Makhauta.  We gave her a shot at life and the opportunity to be the beautiful young woman she was meant to be.  I was shocked to see how well she was, to be able to kiss her lovely cheeks and look into her sparkling eyes, hold both her hands in mine.  One life may not seem like much but her saved life is evidence of the power of good people committed to improving the lives of others, one person at a time.  

Thank you for being that group of good people.

Many things to report but I am absolutely astounded at the progress that has been made in the efforts to end AIDS in Lesotho.  My faith in humanity is restored and in these troubled times, that says a lot.

Not much time to hike, that 100 km cycle is going to hurt but it will be well worth it.

May I be so bold as to encourage you to help raise $2,000 toward my goal of $15,000 while I am in Lesotho?  Because man, I am once again convinced that nothing is impossible when we all join a good cause that wants to transform our world. 

Kealeboha ( Thank you)

Dr. Anne-Marie Zajdlik

Founder of Bracelet of Hope

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