Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The gift of sight

Me Mansante- Bracelet of Hope Foster Mother

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to thank all of you.  In 24 hours, starting Monday morning, we raised $6,000 bringing the total to just under $11,000.   That's the highest one day total in the history of the Bracelet of Hope Falling Leaves Run.  A friend of mine is a long haul truck driver.  He drives across Canada and back.  He sees the whole country. He donated $500 yesterday morning.  I chastised him.  Some people give much more than they can comfortably manage.  I love those people.

This is what he told me, "Just wanted to see you well over the 10000$ range, a bit closer to twenty. Great to hear about your foster mom. Hope she only sees the nice things and people in this ole place. After all we are Canucks aren't we? We always try to side step the big corporations to make the world a better the Canuckian way."

It is the 'Canuckian way'.  He has inspired me.  I'd like Me Mantsane to get those cataracts removed.  I need a new winter wardrobe.  Well, I want one.  I don't need one.  If I give up the new clothes this winter and stop buying lunches and coffee, I will save about $1,000.  I will put those funds towards her cataract surgery.   

In the meantime, if you can sponsor even a small amount and push my Falling Leaves run total to $15,000 before Saturday then in the new year, I will contribute the rest of the funds needed to restore Me Mantsane's eyes.  Small sacrifice for this beautiful woman's sight.

Thanking all Canadians and beyond!
This IS who we are.

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